A New Kind of Delivery

Looking to learn how to cook, dine out less, or just eat healthy? There are so many new, fresh options in New York that can help you meet your goal! Services like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Munchery have based their services on this model, and are extremely popular.

Blue Apron and Hello Fresh deliver a box of fresh ingredients to your door that are portioned and packaged into meals. Each supplies a beautiful, well thought out, step-by-step recipe sheet with pictures. Options range from easy to intermediate difficulty, come with varying proteins, and in cuisines from all over the world. Once you create an account at Blueapron.com or hellofresh.com, simply choose recipes that interest you, and your box will arrive on a designated weekly delivery day. Not home to accept your delivery? Boxes are insulted, and packed with ice to keep everything cold until you get home. Also, many luxury doormen buildings in Manhattan are now offering refrigerated storage as an amenity for residents to keep their food cool while you’re away.

Munchery’s service is slightly different. They deliver fully prepared, gourmet dinners to your door that just need to be reheated. Their Scotch Salmon with parsnip puree is excellent!

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