Multi-Purpose Home Decor

One of the biggest challenges of living in New York is fitting in all the comforts of a home, making it look great, all while maintaining enough space to live. We’d like to spotlight one of our favorite furniture and houseware providers that brings home design to a new level. Lazzoni brands themselves as designers of beautiful, smart furniture for home loving New Yorkers. Their pieces are designed with a New Yorker’s needs in mind- and most have multiple uses. One of their most popular sofas, the Budka, offers a Chaise lounge that comes in a great number of fabrics and leathers. It also offers a 6 foot storage compartment under the padding that is both tasteful, and outfitted with 4 hydraulic lifts to ease opening and use of the storage compartment. The Budka also converts into a Queen sized bed, all without significant effort on the part of the owner. Lazzoni has two showrooms in Manhattan (in Soho and Chelsea), and their exceptional staff is extremely customer-service oriented.

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