Rooftop Film Club – A new experience for New Yorker’s


New York City may be a chaotic concrete jungle through day and night, but there still lies tranquility within the city’s boarders. Disguised among the scenic rooftops of New York’s towers lies a hidden gem. Something for the family, a couple, or even just some friends looking for something new to do. What we are referring to is the Rooftop Cinema Club, based in four cities globally, and bringing a new film experience to many. Luckily we have one right here in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The Rooftop Film Club doors open at 6pm allowing you to have drinks, enjoy the sunset, and from there you can indulge in your movie, popcorn, and yes, a mini bottle of Moet & Chandon all in a package for $30 (not including the $3 booking fee). The Manhattan location is based on the terrace of Midtown’s trendy hotel YOTEL accompanied by their new urban eatery Green Fig, which will provide social drinks and food. Despite the hype for the Manhattan location, across the East River in Brooklyn’s edgy neighborhood of Bushwick lies another Rooftop Cinema location with a big screen and scenery of New York City’s stunning skyline.

Do not worry, the screenings did begin on May 3rd and mostly are sold out for July, August is still completely available starting off with Grease and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. These unique events are only around for the summer so if you are a local New Yorker looking for something new, or a tourist here for a few days, you will not regret this incredible experience of film on a roof.

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