Set your Table this Thanksgiving

There’s nothing that sets the tone for a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner like the table settings. It’s what makes a family meal so special. Here’s a few tips to make sure your table is arranged perfectly!

  1. Pick a Theme

A theme creates the energy of the room. This can be a styled theme like rustic or glam, or just a color palette inclusive of specific colors. Whatever you choose will be sure to get everyone ready for a feast.


  1. Place Settings

Though settings may vary, here’s a general rule of thumb. Start your setting with the dinner plate. Next comes a folded napkin and the salad plate. The fork(s) should go on the left side of the plate(s) and the spoon and knife go on the right. Water and wine glasses go on the right of the plate.


  1. Drama Drama Drama

Don’t be afraid to use plates with different finishes and table linens with different textures. Things like centerpieces, crystal, floral arrangements, and especially gold cutlery will enrich the rooms palette.  This is actually an easy trick to making your table look more elegant.


  1. Add Character

Use place cards to make each of your guests feel special and welcomed. Depending on your choice of place card, it can double as a party favor.


  1. Perfect your Lighting

Lighting intensifies making your dinner more of a special occasion. Feel free to add candlesticks, floating candles, or even lanterns for a more intimate feel.


Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. We’ll keep the décor tips coming!

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