When making a purchase, weather it’s your first home, or your 10th, we have a system to make sure that you are being taken care of the way you would like to. We will start with a little bit of homework at our first meeting. We do a proper Buyer consultation to find out exactly what your wants and needs are so that we can spend your time only focusing on the properties that will actually work for you. As your buyers agent we are free of charge to you, and are there to guide you, but really to protect you in the process. The sellers agent doesn’t have your best interest in mind, they are working for the seller, so please stay protected with someone looking out on your behalf.


Many times your property is your largest asset, and should be treated as such. I don’t want to give away everything that we will do for you, but I can say that we not only market your property globally, but we also do active prospecting to sell your home. Many agents will only do passive prospecting. This means that they will put it online and wait for the buyer to come. We do things differently, and I know you will be impressed with your track record. Our number one goal is to net you the most money possible, and we have the perfect way to do it.


Whether you are looking for a value added investment, flipping investment, or immediate income investment we have it covered. We will sit with you and create an active plan to make sure we are going to achieve exactly what you want to achieve.


Are you a developer looking to do a condo conversion? Would you like a market analysis to make sure your next project is going to make you the money you want to make? We provide detailed market packets so that you know everything you need to know before moving forward. Price? I would simply like the opportunity to speak with you about how the Wheelock Tully Team, along with Keller Williams, are the best choice when selling your condos or renting your units.


Are you an apartment or building owner that is sick and tired of Craigslist ads? We work with many of our investors to rent out apartments at the best price, and as quickly as possible. We have technology that allows tenants to fill out all paperwork on our tablets right at the showing when they decide to apply! We are diligent on sending all paperwork with a cover letter about the possible tenant to you so that you can make the best decision on who to let live there.


Right now we have many clients that would prefer to sell, but not publicly and that’s fine. From single units, to townhouses, new conversions, lots, hotels, and even $500MM commercial buildings, we have it all. Please do reach out with what you need as we just might have it, just not publicly. And of course if you are looking to sell your building hush hush, we understand and would love to bring it to our investors.


With this market apartments move quickly, so if you missed out on a fabulous unit or two, reach out! We actively call owners for our clients. If you want to buy it, we want to find it for you, and we have done a great job of that so far

Whether you are looking to sell your home, buy a home, or invest in real estate, we provide a tailor made plan for each of our clients in order to fit their needs, instead of fitting you into a pre made system.

“Everyone works in different ways and we want to make sure that we cater to that”In addition, the Wheelock Tully Team actively prospects daily for your home which is what sets them apart from the rest.

"Erin & Matthew reached above and beyond what typical realtors offer. They became part of our family and understood what we needed. They took care of everything!"
Lynn  & Steve Corrison Uptown

Ready to find your next property? Reach out and let’s work together.

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